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Latest News:Deadly Ever After Book Covers

THE LADY IN PINK, book two in the Deadly Ever After series, is out now!

Once Upon a Crime…

Coming home to find a dead body in your living room isn’t the best way to end a long day’s work, especially when that work is as New Never City’s premier blue-haired PI. It’s even worse when the corpse is your intern, electrocuted to death, and you’re the one with enough voltage flowing through your veins to power Fairyland.

Blue Reynolds has nabbed his fair share of criminals—with and without the help of his alluring half-fairy partner Isabella Davis—but this one is proving to be more slippery than most. As Blue and Izzy investigate who might have wanted a lowly intern dead—and why—they begin to uncover a diabolical plan that could put both of their lives in danger…and unearth shocking secrets that stretch deep into Blue’s shadowy family history.

The first book in the series, THE FAIRYLAND MURDERS, is on sale for $0.99!    

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