My Publishers


I often get asked, by other writers, who published my books, which I think is a polite way of asking if I’m self-published. I’m not. At least most of my works are traditionally published. I do have some that are self-published, and I’m as proud of them as I am of the others. How you publish shouldn’t matter. For the most part, it doesn’t to readers.

But for the sake of my writerly brethren, here is a list of my books, the pub date, and who published each:

The Junkie Tales (2010) – Self-published

The Body Dwellers (2012) – originally published by Solstice Publishing (out of print), rights are reverted to me, and I plan to sell it traditionally or I will self-publish it.

A F***ed Up Fairytale Series
CURSES! (2012) – Kensington Books
Froggy Style (2013) – Kensington Books

Holy Socks & Dirtier Demons (2012) – Champagne Press

The Assassin’s Series
The Assassin’s Heart (2014) – Camel Press (imprint of Coffeetown Press)
The Assassin’s Kiss (TBA) – Camel Press (imprint of Coffeetown Press)

The Wilde Crime Series
Dope Sick: A Love Story (2014) – Snubnose Press (rights soon to revert and I will self-publish)
SHANK (2014) – Self Published

The Deadly Ever After Series
The Fairyland Murders (2014) – eKensington Books
The Lady in Pink (2015) – eKensington/Lyrical Press

I also have a few short story collections floating around that are self-published like New Never News and Stolen Kidneys, Dead Hookers & Other Nursery Crimes.

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