The Colorado Gold Conference Countdown


It’s exactly one month to the CO Gold conference, and I am so not ready. I have 20 pages to revise in the novella due to my editor on 8/15, then I have to revise the book I plan to pitch at the conference, while crafting the pitch itself. 

And of course I have a great new idea I want to spend all my writing time on.

But enough about me.

Will you be attending any writer/book conferences?

If so, will you be pitching?

2 thoughts on “The Colorado Gold Conference Countdown

  1. I am going to pitch a historical novel about a young pregnant girl trying to find a better life in a community full of very flawed characters who do more harm than they do good. It’s a story for adults and is set in 1830s central Illinois. (Does that sound like a good elevator pitch?)

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