Money, Money Ruins Everything (Except for My Bank Account)


This morning’s headline read something about how BIG money is ruining politics. Duh.

Remember that guy with the ears? Ross something or other…

He ran for president. BECAUSE he was filthy freakin rich.

But I don’t want to discuss politics and which side is right or wrong, left or right.

We have much too long until any of this matters.

But I do want to talk about money and how it affects my writing life. When I first started writing I heard all these terrible statistics on how many writers actually make a living off their work. I snorted. I mean, you’ve seen Castle, right? He’s Ross Perot rich. So why couldn’t I live strictly off my writing?

A few years ago, I tried just that.

And failed miserably.

If I’d actually tried I might’ve done a little better. But I considered making a living off my writing to mean, I wrote 2 books a year, sold them to small publishers for no advance, and basically fucked off for the rest of the time.

I am NOT a very good stay at home writer. I need a day job. I need to work my left brain while my right plays internal video games.

Right and left.

Both working together….

Weird concept. Maybe it would work in politics…