August 18th – Some Cool Things that Happened Today in History


So it’s August 18th, and so amazing things have happened on this day.

Let me share a few:

  • 1634 – Urbain Grandier, accused and convicted of sorcery, is burned alive in Loudun, France. (Not sure who Urbain was, but apparently the French weren’t fans)
  • 1840 – Organization of American Society of Dental Surgeons founded (Go teeth!)
  • 1872 – 1st mail-order catalog issued by A M Ward (and then quickly came mail order brides)
  • 1920 – US ratifies the 19th Amendment to the constitution bringing in women’s suffrage (Hell’s yes!)
  • 1946 – Golf Writers Association of America forms (Because we need more golf writers)The Lady in Pink Cover
  • 1958 – “Lolita” by Vladimir Nabokov published
  • 1969 – Woodstock Music & Art Fair closes with Jimi Hendrix / Band of Gypsys as the final act

Oh, and one more…

My 10th book, THE LADY IN PINK is released!!!!

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B & N

One thought on “August 18th – Some Cool Things that Happened Today in History

  1. Although Woodstock was supposed to run for 3 days on the 15th, 16th and 17th of August bands were still playing on the 18th to the tens of thousands of fans that had not left the Woodstock Music and Art Fair and the final musician to close the concert was non other than the great Jimi Hendrix. Great Site well worth the visit if you can remember this memorable few days in 1969 .

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