A Very F***ed-Up Situation

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Here’s the deal. I am oLSVL_Library_11-19-15_Self_Publishing_Paneln a panel at the Louisville Library tonight. —>

Which is awesome. It should be fun and educational. I love hearing the experience of other writers about publishing.

The thing that bothers me is the flyer for the panel. ——>

Again using a near swear word has affected my career (yes, I get that it’s my own fault for using it).

The library felt that my book cover, of my latest self-published work (A A Very F-Up Christmas TaleVery F***ed-Up Christmas Tale) wasn’t and isn’t appropriate for the flyer.
Now I see their point. Kids and F-words after all. But this is a panel on self-publishing, and what cover do they deem appropriate? The Assassin’s Heart, which is traditionally published, not self-published like the panel presentations/representatives.assassins_heart_300

So how do I feel about it? Four years ago, I would’ve been up in arms. But now, I’ve had it happen so often, it’s a minor irritation. And this makes me the maddest.

Therefore, FUCKKKKKKK!!!!! Fuckity, fuck.

Okay, I feel better. Game on.



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