What is Your Writing Worth?


Recently there’s been a hub-bub in the writer world about Huff Post and their stance on paying writers. Which basically is, hell no, why should we pay you? You’re getting exposure, isn’t that enough you greedy pricks?

I might be paraphrasing.

So the question becomes, how much is your writing worth?

I have books that have sold very poorly. I’m talking not enough for a Happy Meal, so I have to settle for the Sad one. FYI, it comes with apples.

I have books that have sold fairly well. I’m talking KFC family meal money.

I write for the RMFW blog. They don’t pay me.  I also have stories on amazon for free or for real cheap (AKA $0.99).

I get exposure. Meaning I understand it. Not that I get a lot of it. Which is my own doing as I think writing for free for the Huff Post is a joke. It’s all about their attitude toward writers. Toward the people who give them content.

Anyone every heard of don’t shit where you eat? Without writers Huff Post would be a lame bunch of videos about cats. Who wants to watch that for 8 hours a day?

Really the choice is yours, dear reader. Write for free. Don’t write for free.

Expose yourself.

Um, or don’t. It’s probably not a great idea. You’ll get arrested and then try to blame me for telling you to do so.


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