Serial Murdering is My Business and Business is So-So


Yesterday, PW had an article about Amazon pulling an eBook memoir of the infamous serial killer, Robert Pickton, who is convicted of killing six women in B.C and might be responsible for at least 40 more. The book was transcribed from Pickton’s own words by his cellmate. The retailer pulled the book, published by Outskirt 38661-v2-197xPress, here in CO and a total vanity press, after an online petition surfaced. The publisher has since stopped publishing the work 

Now I am in no way condoning his actions. In fact, as far as I’m concerned he should spend his days tortured by the faces of the dead. 

However, I do wonder about the ability to pull a book of the e-shelves due to who writes it or it’s content. Are we setting a continued bad precedence of banning books we as a society deem too much? Then again, should this bastard benefit in any way from his murders? 

Amazon has every right to rid their shelves of anything. It’s a retailers prerogative. 

I also as a reader have every right to decide for myself what to read and what not to. And trust me, his book is on my NOT list.

Do I have any answers? Nope. Just questions. Getting older is hell. You start seeing more gray than black and white. 

2 thoughts on “Serial Murdering is My Business and Business is So-So

  1. It’s one thing if the book is a how-to on murder/terrorism/rape etc. otherwise publish it and give the proceeds to the victim’s families or advocacy groups. I have no interest in it, but then again I can think for myself, I don’t need Big Bro to tell me what I can and can not read.

    1. Yep. I’m not sure of the context of it, and the only way to know would be to read it, and I can’t see doing that to find out. But yes, that’s how it should go!

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