Officer Involved Shooting – A Cop with My Last Name


I try not to get too political here. I want you to like me for me. But recently, my cousin, John Kazimer, who is a cop in Cleveland was involved in a police shooting.

A shooting called foul by the victim’s family.

My cousin was wearing a body camera at the time and the video is linked below for you to form your own opinion.

I know my cousin. He’s not perfect. But he does the job because he wants to help people. This is apparent, when, after shooting the suspect, who was wanted on multiple felonies and carrying a gun in his waistband-a gun he clearly reaches for in the video-John saves the man’s life by using his former medical training.

None of that is my point though. My point is this. I believe some cops are bad. That they kill innocent people because they can. Often it’s about race.

I also believe this, my cousin isn’t one of those. He didn’t shoot this man because he could. He is a veteran cop, as well as a veteran. He faces the possibility of death everyday. He loves his city.

I am proud to be a Kazimer, though I was lucky enough not to get the Kazimer nose. I am also proud to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

2 thoughts on “Officer Involved Shooting – A Cop with My Last Name

  1. I live in fear of this every day with my brother, cousin, and a friend. I was talking to my brother, and he said he hesitates before pulling his weapon because of the backlash right now. That is NOT how cops live. And I find it terrifying. I hope everything turns out well for your cousin.

    1. Thank you. I wish we’d adopt real gun laws to stop this shit from happening. If people are willing to kill a cop, they won’t blink at kill anyone.

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