Deadly Ever After Series

There is a killer on the loose, and he or she is out for your molars!

The Fairyland Murders (Book 1)

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Blue Reynolds knows the darker side of New Never City–the side that’s hopped-up on fairy dust and doesn’t care if The Fairyland Murdersyour house gets blown down. Rent’s due and his PI business is all but make believe. But even Blue shudders at having to chase after Isabella Davis, a freckle-nosed redhead five feet tall on her tip-toes…if you don’t count the pretty pink wings.

Izzy is tough, and sneaky, and not too thrilled with the idea of being the new tooth fairy. The last six have been most gruesomely extracted. But Blue has a feeling that whoever is killing the tooth fairies is worse than your standard big bad psycho. The fairy council is hiding something. The Shadows are moving out into the light. And Blue is saddled with a shocking power that could take out half of New Never City…


JA Kazimer writes with wit and humor. She uses fairy tale characters in great and wondrous abundance. Goldilocks and Peter Rabbit are police detectives, there are princes and princess everywhere and most of them are fairy dust addicts. You will laugh and shake your head with a smile on your face while reading THE FAIRYLAND MURDERS.

— Shellie Surles, Fresh Fiction

THE FAIRYLAND MURDERS was a interesting mixing of noir detective stories with fairy tales. With this mixture of a gritty murder mystery with light fanciful fairies and princesses you get an at times bizarre world filled with some hilarious interactions between characters. There are some neat references to fairy tale characters and fairy tales. I liked the mystery as it expanded on the tooth fairy mythos making the tooth fairy the center of the fairy world. I like the random cameos of familiar fairy tale characters and this blending of two different genres was really well done.

— All Things Urban Fantasy

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The Lady in Pink (Book 2)

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Blue Reynolds has nabbed his fair share of criminals—with and without the help of his alluring half-fairy partner Isabella Davis—but this one is proving to be more slippery than most.

As Blue and Izzy investigate who might have wanted a lowly intern dead—and why—they begin to uncover a diabolical plan that could put both of their lives in danger…and unearth shocking secrets that stretch deep into Blue’s shadowy family history.


This book has so many twists and turns that it will have you on the edge of your seat. Blue has a curse and anyone he touches without his gloves get electrocuted. Blue is in love with Isabella, but he is afraid of electrocuting her when he touches her. So he will love her afar. I loved this book and I give THE LADY IN PINK 5/5 STARS.

— Book Junkiez

If you are looking for something just a little bit different from your normal paranormal or urban fantasy reads, I recommend that you give this series a try if only for the laughter that will ensue.

–Saints & Sinners

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