Guerilla Marketing: Enough Monkeying Around with Poor Sales

Do you hate marketing and promotion with a fiery passion? Are you limited by what you can spend on marketing? Does the idea of spending your hard earned money on promotion with no guarantee of sales make you want to cry? Do you market yourself until you are hoarse, and yet, you’re still wallowing in obscurity?

Me too.

Or at least I did once upon a time.

Then I realized the beauty of Guerilla Marketing. Though it may sound like a bunch of bananas, Guerilla marketing is anything but. What it is, is a low-cost, unconventional kind of promotion that uses your own creativity to market yourself and your books.

This guide will help you embrace marketing, and fall in love with self-promotion. No, really. I promise you will love it. And want to spend time doing it.

These easy techniques, perfected by a true nerdy novelist (*waves*), will show you how to become a guerilla marketer, as well as spark your creativity, nurturing that marketing monkey inside every writer.