Budgeting for Indie Publication


Yesterday I talked about what is your writing worth, well today I’m over at the RMFW blog talking about indie publication and how much does it cost in actual figures, not vagueness often consumed on the internets. 

But I wanted to add, when you ask about how much is your writing worth, and then turn around and don’t back it up by putting your money where your mouth is, whether that’s in marketing dollars or time, you’re doing yourself a disservice. 

Okay, so here’s the link to the RMFW blog post. Let me know your thoughts. 

What is Your Writing Worth?


Recently there’s been a hub-bub in the writer world about Huff Post and their stance on paying writers. Which basically is, hell no, why should we pay you? You’re getting exposure, isn’t that enough you greedy pricks?

I might be paraphrasing.

So the question becomes, how much is your writing worth?

I have books that have sold very poorly. I’m talking not enough for a Happy Meal, so I have to settle for the Sad one. FYI, it comes with apples.

I have books that have sold fairly well. I’m talking KFC family meal money.

I write for the RMFW blog. They don’t pay me.  I also have stories on amazon for free or for real cheap (AKA $0.99).

I get exposure. Meaning I understand it. Not that I get a lot of it. Which is my own doing as I think writing for free for the Huff Post is a joke. It’s all about their attitude toward writers. Toward the people who give them content.

Anyone every heard of don’t shit where you eat? Without writers Huff Post would be a lame bunch of videos about cats. Who wants to watch that for 8 hours a day?

Really the choice is yours, dear reader. Write for free. Don’t write for free.

Expose yourself.

Um, or don’t. It’s probably not a great idea. You’ll get arrested and then try to blame me for telling you to do so.


What Harper Lee Gave to Me


Harper Lee is dead.

Tears welled in my eyes as I read the news. Weird since I’d never met her. Hell until 20 years ago I’d never read a single thing by her, not that she had a lot of words in the world. Just one book (I won’t count that monstrosity published recently).

I’ve read To Kill a Mocking Bird countless time since my very first time. In fact, I make a point to read it once a year, as a reminder of what a great book sounds like, what it invokes for the reader.

Harper Lee gave me so much.

Before I even knew she was a she.

She gave me my first literary love in Jem.

My first regret at not growing up in an era like that (Okay, my only regret if I’m honest).

She gave me Boo. An anti hero if there ever was one.

I can’t repay even a small bit of what she gave me. But today, on the day of her death at the age of 89, I offer this. Harper Lee, you gave me a reason to look for more, a reason to seek what is beyond the obvious. A reason to hope for a future.

Thank you.



A Very F***ed-Up 10 Predictions for 2016


2016-new-year-ss-19202016 is almost upon us. This year will bring the following events:

  1. a New American President, the winner of which will surely have bad hair any way we slice it. (Part 2, the worst election cycle ever).
  2. a remake of that one movie from the 80’s with an all female/black/Jewish/sober cast, which will annoy people at some Fox News show so much that they will walk off the set.
  3. a publishing scandal, not about 50 Shades of Anything. That ship has thankfully sailed.
  4.  a TV show that is critically acclaimed, but not well liked by anyone who doesn’t give a fuck about cinematic qualities.
  5. a Kardashian will do something stupid.
  6. a Kardashian will marry an NBA player and/or Rapper and/or make a sex tape with one of the previous.
  7. Kim Kardashian and Kayne will a) have another child, b) adopt a child from a far off country like Canada, or c) annoy us all for another year. Dealer’s choice.
  8. Caitlyn Jenner will no longer be a thing and the trans community will continue to gain momentum and respect until everyone is treated equally.
  9. Someone in Florida (okay probably at least 50 people) will make national headlines for doing something that ends their lives in a humorous (at least for the rest of us) way.
  10. I’ll spend way too much time avoiding doing any writing but somehow manage to finish two novels. I’d call it witchcraft but that takes writing a spell and I’m too lazy for that.

What are some of your predictions?

Free Dope. Sick. Love.


DSL - girl

Dear DEA/police enforcement offical, this is a book, not an offer for illicit drugs.
Yes, I live in Colorado. But we’re not all drug dealers, legal or otherwise.
Or are we?
Anyway, today only (12/14/15) I am giving away copies of a limited edition of Dope. Sick. Love.


Dope. Sick. Love.

Colin Wilde lies dying on a dirty bathroom floor, a needle in his arm and the name of his murdered wife on his bluish lips.

Two years later, struggling to stay clean, Colin meets Zoe, a woman with ties to his past. A past he can’t escape. Determined to make a comeback he soon becomes embroiled in a world of sex, drugs and murder.

Print isn’t Dead Yet: I Think I’ll Go for a Walk…


Yes, a poorly jumbled Monty Python reference. It’s Wednesday. What more can you expect.

So an op-ed piece from one of the big 5 publishers hit the Wall Street Journal saying print is far from dead. 

I tend to agree, though not as fiercely or as pretentiously as an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal.

People buy books. People still read. The sky is not, nor has it fallen.

Like any other commodity, there are ebbs and flows to book sales. Print is nice to have on your library shelves too. eBooks are nice to read when traveling. Audio rocks when you are driving or working out.