Least Helpful Article Ever


Recently I read an article with the title:

Want to Succeed in Self-Publishing? Have a Plan: Tips from an Indie Author

Seems like it would be a good article to read. Tips and all.

Um, don’t bother checking it out. No, really. DON’T CLICK THE LINK.

Damn it, why did you click it?

Fine, now that you actually believe me, let’s talk tips. Those are those things that help indie writers succeed in self-publishing like the article promised. Yes, you should write well. But you also need to write often. Like 4-10 books a year. Compared to my 2 if I’m lucky.

Okay, videos are fine. But reading is fundamental. There is plenty of info on self-publishing you can skim rather than take 2 mins to watch.

Have a plan…ummm okay. Did you really just tell us to look for one on the internet? Sure there are a ton, but you need one for your own niche. Something that will make you standout.

Am I wrong? Is there more to the article? If not, I really have to query publishers Weekly…