Traditional Publishing: Learn How to Get a Book Deal

Have you just finished your first novel? Do you find the idea of querying an agent daunting? Or that your query letters aren’t getting the attention your book deserves?

I did too.

Once upon a time.

It took me years to understand how commercial fiction publishing, both traditional and indie, work, including what happens after you sign your first contract as well as what is expected of the writer by publishers and readers.

If you find yourself asking, “So I wrote this book—Now what?” this guide can help.

The lessons inside will help you embrace traditional publishing and in turn, have the industry embrace you. These easy techniques, perfected by a true nerdy novelist (*waves*), will show you how to become a published author rather than just a writer, as well as spark your creativity as you move forward through the process.

The guide gives you a rundown of the traditional route to publication. We will look at how to query an agent, how to write a synopsis, and what to expect after you sign with an agent and then with a publisher.