Wilde Crimes Series

Dope. Sick. Love. (Book 1)

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Once a famous rock star, Colin Wilde nearly dies on a dirty bathroom floor, a lethal dose of heroin in his veins and the name of his murdered wife, Lisa, on his lips.

Two years later, finally clean and on the verge of a major comeback, he meets Zoe, a beautiful strung-out dancer with a lot to lose. With her help Colin maneuvers through the seedy world of sex, drugs, and record deals in search of a killer.

“I sat down at about midnight planning to read a hundred pages or so and did not put this tale of murder, sex, drugs, and even a little rock and roll down until it was done.” — Todd Morr, author of Captain Cooker

“A hard-hitting rock ‘n’ roll mystery. Kazimer’s debut novel has it all: sex, drugs, murder, perversion, and more twists and turns than a Keith Richards trip to rehab. Trying to find his wife’s killer while clinging to the last shreds of sobriety, Colin Wilde navigates a musical minefield populated with shady promoters, crooked producers, scorned police and vengeful critics. His only salvation? The one woman he knows better than to trust. Dope Sick Love is a thrilling pop culture junkie fix.” — Joe Clifford, author of Junkie Love.

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SHANK: A Wild Crime (Book 2)


Far from the marrying kind, tattooed gambler, Ian Wilde, knows sleeping with his best friend’s sister is a bad, bad bet. But he can’t say no to the beauty with a tongue ring and a smart mouth.

Frankie Hurley knows sleeping with Ian will only end in heartbreak, but she has always loved him, from the day, twenty years before, when he saved her doll from a group of neighborhood bullies. The very same bullies now turned gangsters who want nothing more than to put a bullet in Ian’s head.

When Ian’s best friend and Frankie’s brother’s life is threatened over a gambling debt, Ian, Frankie and a mismatched crew of thieves team up to steal twelve million dollars from a bank on Grand Cayman Island before the mark comes due.