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Latest News:

The second book in The Assassins Series, The Assassin’s Kiss is available now. The Assassins’ First Date novella was released on July 1st.

The Assassin’s Kiss (Book 3, The Assassins Series)

Julia abandoned Nate Taylor on their wedding night after finding him in the arms of her assassins_kissstepsister, Sara. Now she is set to marry again, this time to a man who shares her upper-crust background. But Nate won’t sign the annulment papers.

Ready to resort to murder if necessary, Julia storms Nate’s houseboat in the Florida Everglades, just in time to survive an attack by a group of assassins Nate believes are targeting her. He should know; he’s an assassin himself–a little detail he never shared with his ex. Nate works for a secret government agency known as OPS. With the help of his fellow assassins, Nate tries to identify the attackers and the reason for their deadly quest.

Meanwhile, the reluctant travel companions flee north to Nate’s eccentric hometown of Gibsonton, and later to a comfy cabin in the woods. Julia becomes better acquainted with her mysterious ex, the true man behind the gun.

Seeing this new side of Nate, will Julia continue to resist the powerful chemistry between them? Will they solve the mystery before one of them is killed trying?

The Assassin’s Kiss is the second book in the Assassins series, which began with The Assassin’s Heart. The prequel to The Assassin’s Heart is a novella titled The Assassins’ First Date.

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The Assassins’ First Date (Prequel Novella to The Assassin’s Kiss, Book 1 in The Assassins Series)

assassins_date_300Benjamin Miller and Hannah “Six” Winslow have a date, but no one’s going to “get lucky,” at least not in the common sense of the phrase. The partners kill bad guys for the secret government organization known as OPS. And although they are dining at an elegant restaurant, their goal, and that of fellow assassin Nate Taylor, is to assassinate a dangerous arms dealer.

“The target” dies early in the evening, though not by the hand of any of the three assassins. His death by poison means yet another assassin got to him first, one who did not leave any obvious clues. In fact nothing is as it seems. Have they been betrayed by OPS? Is the mysterious assassin lingering in their midst, waiting to pick them off?

Ben, Six, and Nate have just a few hours to solve the mystery, using only their wits and whatever evidence they can gather by cell from Nate’s analyst H. But Ben and Six are unusually distracted by each others’ sexy-date personas. With no one but Nate in top form, the slippery outside assassin may put them all on ice.

The story in the novella The Assassins’ First Date predates the novels, The Assassin’s Heart and The Assassin’s Kiss. Each can be enjoyed separately, but you can follow the tale sequentially by reading this story first and ending with The Assassin’s Kiss, which features Nate and his estranged wife Julia (coming in August, 2016).


 Just Released:

Beyond the Wall 

In a world divided by genetics and a concrete wall, Indeara Adair, Blonde Beyond.jpg
survives by kicking the occasional gnome ass, a job her half-human, half-mutant cells make her terrifyingly skilled at.

Life is good with a few exceptions, namely, an elite force of cops who have Indeara in their sights, not to mention the reappearance of Quinn Daniels, a man who betrayed her three years ago to dwell among the human race.

A man she must now protect in order to save those she loves.

Yet these are the least of Indeara’s concerns, for somewhere, a plague destined to destroy mutants everywhere is scheduled for release, a plague developed by Indeara’s own grandfather.

With the help of a ragtag group of mutants and humans alike, a group led by the mysterious leader of the rebel cause, Jake McClain, she slips beyond the wall and into the human world to unlock the truth behind her own genetic code in order to save thousands of lives.

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